Welcome to Tata Bumi Indonesia

Tata Bumi Indonesia is a privately owned company that has been initiated since 2009 by people who are competent and professional in the field of Spatial Planning, Urban Design, Surveying and Mapping, Environment and Geographic Information Systems. With strong motivation, in order to move more flexible and professionally, in 2012 the company was officially registered and approved by the Notary Mumuh Muhsin Wiramihardja, by notarial deed number 09, dated 16 November 2012.

Despite its young age, Tata Bumi Indonesia is supported by competent and experienced personnel and a solid teamwork. With their work so far and supported by reliable human resources, Tata Bumi Indonesia will always give an emphasis on professionalism and maintain trust given by users and partners.

As a commitment to provide services that can be technically and legally justified, we always refer to the latest regulations and labor standards, such as EIA, ISO 14001, Regulation, Performance Standards (International Finance Corporations (IFC) and the Indonesia Infrastructure Finance (IIF) , Environmental and Social Safeguards Framework (ESSF).



Our expert staffs graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). They are competent in the fields of Regional and Urban Planning, Urban Design, Surveys, Environment as well as in Geographical Information System. Our staffs capabilities and competence become our strength when working on related fields. Their excellence and experience guarantees that every task is executed and done well.






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